Fap Titans

Kill all the monsters with sexy anime girls

Sex rules the world, and no one can challenge this statement because this is a pure truth. Statistically, the average man thinks about sex every seven seconds. Men love tits and cute faces, and no one can compare these parameters with the ideal anime heroines who, in addition to being sexy, are also deadly in this game. Evil monsters don’t sleep, so someone has to confront them. Don’t be afraid, you will cope, especially since by killing villains you get coins that can be spent on girls with super sexy bodies who will fight shoulder to shoulder with you. As you can see this monster sex game is full of pleasant surprises.

Fap Titans gameplay video

Baser instincts call

Monsters are going to be killed by your sword but girls by courage. In this game, you have the opportunity to show your strength and bravery in front of defenseless young women who absolutely don’t need monsters to win and therefore fuck them all. The fear of being penetrated by their huge massive cocks makes all these chicks happy to help you. Of course, they do it not for free because after all, they are women, but every woman is a prostitute deep inside, greedy for money and willing for anything just to be paid. So, fill up the battle harem with gorgeous babes with smokin’ hot bodies and enjoy their company during the war with inhumans. Check out these fuckable faces and touchable tits that look so tempting and awake the dirty desire to suck them. There’s no wonder because it’s the sex fighting game.

There’s nothing but sex here

Don’t spare money on hot chicks with big tits and taut asses because they will more than compensate everything on your way to victory in Fap Titans. Even when you are no longer playing, they will still fight for you to earn more and more coins so that you can spend them on upgrading the fighting qualities of big-boobied warriors or buy new inexperienced virgins who will join your team and learn all the tricks of earning in this clicker.

The game pleases with excellent drawing. It’s immediately clear that the artists created characters from the heart and with knowledge. They like sexy girls themselves, so they created such charming heroines who lure to buy and invest money in them. Well, just like in real life, isn’t it? But more interesting and much hotter. No one will refuse you here. If you bought someone, then they are willing to do anything for you and will go fighting any monster. So, enjoy the babes who, judging from the outside, in their free time from the war, like fucking well. Such a hidden meaning in this monster sex game.

First good strategy and then boobs

The game is a role-playing clicker, and all you have to do is click on the mouse button as quickly and intensively as possible to fight more and more advanced enemies which from level to level become stronger and more resilient. At first, you will have to fight alone, but as soon as you get the first assistants, it will immediately become easier, since they will add damage and fight enemies on their own. Therefore, it’s worth spending the coins earned for victories to pump beauties’ skills and acquire new ones.

Easy to manage, but no less spectacular browser game with additional tabs such as guild, gallery, rating tab, quests, and others, which will open with the player’s progress and give additional features. Gradually, bosses open up to you. They have large reserves of health and are more difficult to defeat in a limited amount of time, so take your time and first prepare well, upgrading warriors in full effect to necessarily win the sex fighting game.

Fuckable girls wait for you

Finally, it remains only to say that this game, released by Hooligart on June twenty, year two thousand and twenty, has already managed to find its loyal fans who speak very positively about this work of art. The work of artists requires to be complimented because everyone would be happy to get it on with such girls. Hot big-breasted anime lassies are down for anything to please you. So, you better don’t keep them waiting and rather embark on this unforgettable adventure surrounded by loyal and devoted assistants in the sexy clicker game Fap Titans.

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